Tax Prep: 10 Reasons to Choose Me as Your Tax Pro

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1)  I specialize in Tax work and know best how use the tax laws to legally minimize your tax liability.  

  • I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • I am an Enrolled Agent (see “Why Use an Enrolled Agent“).
  • I am a National Tax Practice Institute™ (NTPI) Fellow (see “Why Use an NTPI Fellow”)
  • I specialize in Business tax returns, Individual Tax Returns, Estates & Trusts
  • My required continued education credits are taken in tax classes
  • I relentlessly stay on top of all the tax law changes and best practices in my industry. I am constantly reading in my field and am a member of the:
    • Maryland Association of CPAs
    • Tennessee Society of CPAs
    • National Association of Enrolled Agents

2) I reduce your Stress, Anxiety and Headaches while saving  You Money.

  •  I know how to minimize the chance of an audit or dispute with the IRS.
  • If you do not have a simple return then I can save you a lot of anxiety and money because I specialize in knowing how to do that.  Below are examples of cases where hiring me as your Tax Pro can save you money and reduce your headaches:
    • You are a business owner, self-employed, or have a side business
    • You own a rental property, or you flip homes
    • You had a major life change such as marriage or divorce
    • You bought or sold a home
    • You had multiple investment transactions during the year
    • Your record keeping is not great
    • You anticipate an audit
    • You have unpaid taxes or previously non- filed returns
    • You are a high-income earner
    • Your taxes are complicated with several forms and you don’t know how to use tax laws to your benefit.
    • You are not confident dealing with the IRS on technical issues
    • You don’t know what triggers IRS Audits

Each of these scenarios require someone who has special knowledge of the tax code and laws. They can create stress and future headaches if you make a mistake or don’t know the tax laws for your situation. I specialize in handling these scenarios and know how to be compliant with the tax laws and minimize your tax liability.

3) I Provide Timely Filing of Returns.

  • If you provide me with complete information three weeks before the tax due date, then your tax return will be filed on time. Unlike many tax preparers, I do not automatically put you on extension.

4) I respond Promptly.

  • My phone is answered by a human 24 hrs/day and 7 days a week (no recordings). I am easy to reach via email or phone and respond in less than 24 hrs to any questions or requests

5) I provide One on One Personal Support Customized to your Unique Needs.

  • I get to know you and your financial situation and advise you according to your unique needs. You will find that I am very patient and an easy person with whom to work.

6)  I provide Remote Online Support that Saves you Driving Time.

  • You can work with me remotely and provide all your information to me over a secure portal and never have to leave your home.
  • I have many clients all over the United States whom I’ve never met in person….and some who have even retired and moved overseas!
  • For exchanging documents, you can use any of the following methods to get your documents to me:
    • Use the secure upload link on my website which allows you to send documents to me that are encrypted. This method works well for files too large to send by e-mail such as QuickBooks backups.
    • Scan and e-mail a PDF copy of your tax documents to me.
    • Fax a PDF copy to me (my fax service is online)
    • Mail a paper certified copy to me (certified so that they can be tracked).(note: be sure to retain the original documents in your own possession)
    • Hand Deliver the documents to my home in Severn Md or Crossville Tn.

7) I meet with you in person if you prefer 

  • If you prefer to meet in person, I can meet you at my residence at 7865 Clark Station Road in Severn, MD or at 74 Lakeshore Ct #84 Crossville, TN 38558.
  • I am easy to find.

8) I provide Year-Round Support

  • I don’t disappear after tax season and provide year- round support to you as needed. You can easily reach me through an email or phone call.
  • I provide tax planning during the year to minimize your taxes for the following year
  • I provide IRS tax representation for those behind on paying or filing their taxes
  • I provide support for audits and IRS disputes and act as a buffer between you & the IRS

9) I provide recommendations on what would further reduce your tax liability.

  • When I complete your tax return, I provide you a written summary of your return and recommendations of what could reduce your tax liability for the next year.

10) I am someone you can trust.

  • I have good reputation and  growing practice of happy and returning clients.
  • See examples of reviews/recommendations on this website from those that have worked with me.
  • I  pay the price to maintain the highest level of Integrity & Honesty