Real Estate Investment Accounting

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I help real estate investors increase profits & reduce taxes due to the least amount legally possible. I have years of specialized experience in Real Estate Investment Accounting and Tax Planning. With my background in my own real estate investing I know exactly how to help real estate investors INCREASE PROFITS, MINIMIZE INCOME TAXES , and HAVE MORE TIME and LESS HEADACHES.

I provide timely financial reporting & immediately respond to late renters. I’ve experienced the pain points of real estate investing firsthand and can help you maximize your rental collections, minimize the time spent with a non-profitable renter, and get the reporting you need to make the best business decisions. I will tell you immediately when a renter is late & what actions to take to maximize profit. I will show you exactly how much you’ve invested in a property to help price it for sale.

I’ve studied the tax issues for real estate investors in great detail for my own real estate investing & clients. I know real estate tax nuances far better than most accountants. I will reduce your taxes by taking the maximum advantage of capital depreciation & using every tax deduction available to you.

I free owners from time-consuming financial tasks so they can focus on their business and do what they do best. I’ve flipped investment homes, and both owned & managed clients rental properties. I know what wastes your time and causes you headaches. I know the business better than most accountants because I am one of you and have done both the work and the accounting. I know exactly how to save you time.

Contact info:
Let me help increase your profit margins, lower your tax bill, and significantly reduce your worries and concerns by managing the accounting side of your business.

Email me at or call/text me at 931-267-3071
I reside both in Severn, Maryland and Crossville, Tennessee