IRS Private Debt Collectors

The IRS began a program a few years ago where they assign certain cases of overdue tax debts to private debt collectors. If this happens to you the IRS will give you (and your tax representative) written notice that your account is being transferred to the private collection agencies.

Watch out for scam phone calls from those who pretend to claim to collect for the IRS.

There are currently only four contractors authorized for collection which are listed below

  • CBE
    P.O. Box 2217
    Waterloo, IA 50704


  • ConServe
    P.O. Box 307
    Fairport, NY 14450-0307


  • Performant
    P.O. Box 9045
    Pleasanton CA 94566-9045


  • Pioneer
    PO Box 500
    Horseheads, NY 14845

Do not pay the private collection agency directly.

It says on the IRS website: “Private collection agencies will not ask for payment on a prepaid debit, iTunes or gift card. Taxpayers will be informed about electronic payment options for taxpayers on Your Tax Bill. Payment by check should be payable to the U.S. Treasury and sent directly to IRS, not the private collection agency.“


IRS will not assign accounts to private collection agencies involving taxpayers who are:

  • Deceased
  • Under the age of 18
  • In designated combat zones
  • Victims of tax-related identity theft
  • Currently under examination, litigation, criminal investigation or levy
  • Subject to pending or active offers in compromise
  • Subject to an installment agreement
  • Subject to a right of appeal
  • Classified as innocent spouse cases
  • In presidentially declared disaster areas and requesting relief from collection