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“Lisa is the best tax preparer. She’s organized, punctual, and knowledgeable about the tax code, especially for sole proprietors.”

 Melanie Fallow, Senior Public Affairs Specialist at Us Government Accountability Office

“Lisa is a consumate professional who I trust entirely with my financial information and tax preparation. Somehow she makes sense of my less than stellar organizational skills and always has time to answer all of my questions about taxes! I truly appreciate her patience and abilities to ease my mind about a world I am completely unfamiliar with.”

Susan O’Brien, Communications Officer at City of Annapolis

“Lisa gets taxes the way most people get breathing. If you want an expert who understands the nuances of the tax code, she is the One you’ve been looking for.
A bit of context to back up my unambiguous endorsement: my wife and I purchased our first rental property a couple of years ago. For the first time, we took our taxes to a CPA, just to ensure that everything was set up correctly. Unfortunately, the job was not done particularly well. We needed help. We needed someone who could understand the prior mistakes and know how to fix things. We needed Lisa.
She worked closely with us to understand our specific situation. She listened to our questions and walked us through several different approaches to our taxes so we could make the best decision possible. I’m so glad that Lisa is on our team now, and I do not hesitate to endorse her expertise, work ethic, and customer service.”

Brian Asti, Chief Engineer and Project Manager at Northrop Grumman

We have worked with Lisa for several years. She has been extremely professional and responsive to our needs. Our returns are completed quickly and we have never had to do an extension due to her prompt turnaround. When we have had technical questions, Lisa has always been able to provide an informed and knowledgeable response. I highly recommend Lisa to all of her prospective clients.

Tim Niles, Cyber Threat Specialist

“I feel lucky to have Lisa in my village. Her friendly interaction and attention to our smallest details during tax season is to be noted. Her online portal for document sharing really eases our process. She has prepared personal and business tax returns for us, and provided excellent advice on numerous subjects, including out of state returns, military and military spouse tax issues, self employment considerations, retirement planning and 529 plan carry overs. Her work is stellar– on time, with enthusiasm, and of the highest quality. I highly recommend Lisa Church!”

Lara Mulvaney, GIS Support Specialist at Anne Arundel County

“Lisa has a very comprehensive background in income tax preparation and accounting. She is very responsive to her clients and dedicated to their success. She takes advantage of every opportunity to learn so she can provide accurate tax advise to her clients. She listens to her clients’ needs and partners with them to develop solutions to achieve their financial goals.”

Stacey Winkelspecht, CPA, MBA

“Going to Lisa for our personal federal and state taxes was a great decision. We had a change of state residency, change of job status, and new retirement funding to consider. She explained our options, gave us actionable, beneficial recommendations in our first get-acquainted consultation, and improved our financial picture as well as our comfort level about dealing with our new tax situations. She cheerfully adapted to our rapidly changing travel schedule in the spring – I’m sure we complicated her preparation timelines but she made it transparent to us. Preparation, signing and filing all went very smoothly. Looking forward to working with her again next year.”

Bill Schulz, Office of Federal Coordinator for Meteorology at National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

“Lisa has been a lifesaver for both my personal accounting/taxes as well as two businesses. For both businesses she maintains Quick books and files returns as necessary…she is always there to help me with any obstacles I run into. I highly recommend Lisa.”

Nicholas Somers – Marketing, Membership, Business Development Manager at Signature Federal Credit Union

“I hired Lisa in January 2012. She was a CPA from Tennessee, with a family that she commuted back and forth to see–much like my own situation at the time. Lisa was a tremendous help to me that tax season and the following year. She is meticulous, organized and keeps very good workpapers. As I started traveling more with my husband, I needed to reduce my workload and Lisa was enthusiastic about increasing her client base. I referred clients to her and it was a service to us all. We have maintained a professional and personal relationship over the years. We still see each other at tax seminars and confer with one another when the need arises. I am honored to call her a friend and colleague. When you meet her you will be impressed by her professionalism, knowledge and southern charm.”

Krista  A. Boteler, Owner at Krista A Boteler CPA

“If you are small business owner or rental property investor, I highly recommend you retain Lisa as your CPA. I own my own consulting and training agency, and I’ve invested in two rental properties. Lisa has demonstrated a high level of expertise in reviewing my expenses and making recommendations for completing my tax returns properly. Lisa answers emails and phone calls promptly. She does a thorough job of yearly tax preparation and filing for me. During tax season, Lisa is cheerful, patient and works very hard to ensure all deductions that are allowable are claimed. Call or email Lisa today to ask how her CPA consultancy can help you.”

Nancy McDonald – SEO Trainer, SEO Consultant

“Lisa has been my CPA for the past 4-5 years and she has been nothing short of exceptional! I’ve lived in 3 states during that time period and her knowledge, client care, and efficiency has been excellent. I feel comfortable asking any question and feel she is truly looking out for my best interest. I would give her the highest recommendation.”

Rene Lyst Ed. D., Experienced Higher Education Professional

“Highly recommend Lisa! She has been my accountant for 3-4 years and has been nothing short of resourceful, communicative, and extremely knowledgeable. I’ve been lucky to have her in my corner. I run my own business so things are not always black and white – Lisa gets that and has always given me the best advice and practices. I have passed her along to everyone I know looking for an accountant!”

Shane Hall, Sales Associate at TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

“Lisa worked with my wife and mother-in-law to untangle some complicated retirement tax matters. She worked tirelessly to educate us on what we had done incorrectly in the past, carefully crafted a detailed explanation to the IRS and saved us tens of thousands of dollars in penalties. No detail is too small or accounting problem too complex for Lisa to solve. Her work is flawless and efficient. Plus, she was able to work remotely from another state and never missed a beat. She is a superb tax accountant and would be a great asset to any business that needs year-round remote CFO or outsourced controller assistance. I highly recommend!”

Frank McClung, Web designer at dotp, Fulbright Scholar, US Air Force Academy ‘93

“I was really happy with the tax service from Lisa Church. We contacted Lisa late in the tax season, and she was able to get our paperwork finished quickly (and with a much larger return than we were expecting!). She is very professional and easy to work with. My wife and I are fairly complicated in terms of taxes:
-Residents of separate states
-Own 3 properties across 2 states
-W-2s from multiple states
None of this seemed to phase Lisa, she even caught mistakes in previous year tax returns with regard to housing depreciation. I highly recommend her for your accounting/tax prep needs! Feel free to contact me for further information.”

       Eric Rohan, United States Navy

“Lisa really knows her stuff. I have been operating a small real estate investment business full time for 6 years. After 5 years of trying to keep up with the accounting and taxes in my business based on some loose guidance from my previous accountant, she stepped in and within a very short time has filed my taxes for the previous year, negotiated with the IRS on my behalf, helped me understand changes I need to make, and is helping me restructure the business to save a significant amount of taxes in the future. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Merrick L. Loveland, 48 hr. House Buyer

“I have known Lisa for over 25 years. She is attentive to detail and great at communicating with her clients. Lisa has lots of experience in many areas of real estate. I would not hesitate to hire her or work with her on a joint project.”

Philip Burnett, Managing Partner at Bean, Smith and Burnett Attorneys

“I have worked with Lisa for several years and found her work exceptional. She has provided both excellent tax work, but great advice and guidance on my tax/finance strategies. She is great to work with and very responsive. Would recommend her to anyone!”

John Palien, International HR Consultant providing broad HR consulting services to the international development community