Teachers: Save Your Receipts for Educator Expense Deduction

During this back-to-school period when classroom expenses are most likely to occur, remember to save your receipts if you are educator.

If you are a teacher, principal, counselor, or classroom aide who works at least 900 hours a year in a state-accredited school (grades K-12), you may qualify for the Educator Expense Deduction. This IRS rule allows you to deduct up to $250 on your tax forms ($500 for joint filers who are both educators) for classroom supplies that you purchase at your own expense.

Allowed expenses include traditional school supplies like rulers and markers, along with specialty items like athletic gear for physical education classes. A qualified tax advisor can help you determine which of your expenses qualify for the deduction.

You do not have to itemize deductions in order to claim the Educator Expense Deduction, however, the IRS does require that you have written evidence for every expense


For Maryland State Tax Returns: 

Maryland offers teachers a $250 deduction on their state income tax return:



In addition, Maryland offers a $1,500 CREDIT for teachers for the following: